Monday, June 20, 2011

Cupcakes in Disguise

Inspired by a picture in "What's New, Cupcake?" and the cover of Woman's Day magazine, I made cupcakes for our family Father's Day get-together. One dozen were red velvet cupcakes disguised as coals; one dozen were lemon cupcakes disguised as corn on the cob. I threw in crispy treats made to look like hamburger patties and some creative plating to complete the cook-out theme.

The "patties" are cocoa crispy treats formed with a circular cookie cutter. The marshmallow was dyed a dark pink for an authentic look.

The coals are red velvet cupcakes topped with vanilla icing, marshmallows cut to different heights, crushed chocolate wafers (Oreos without the cream), and red sugar sprinkles. They were displayed in cake tins and covered with small cooling racks and the faux burgers.

The corn cobs are lemon cupcakes topped with vanilla icing, lemon and toasted marshmallow jelly beans, and partially melted yellow Starburst candies. They were plated three in a row with corn-cob skewers poked into the ones on either end.

They were all three a big hit, but I must say I was surprised to discover that the cocoa crispy treats were the most popular. They are much sweeter than the plain variety of rice cereal treats and, I think, were a nice change for some of the adults that hadn't had this more child-friendly treat in a while.

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