Friday, June 24, 2011

Introduction to Fused Glass

I went to a one-hour fused glass workshop at the same place I took the crash glass workshop. In the workshop you are given several options of what you can make - pendants, a coaster, a nightlight, et cetera. I chose pendants because I would be able to make two different items, and thus play around more. They are fairly large but surprisingly lightweight.

This pendant consists of a black base rectangle, shards arranged on the base (two shades of blue and one piece of dichroic) to form the middle layer, and a clear rectangle to form the top layer and encase everything. The two little bubbles are trapped in the center layer.

This pendant is a novice homage to Dr. Who, specifically the TARDIS. It is a base layer of clear, with a small yellow triangle and a large blue rectangle next, topped with a small white rectangle and blue stringer.
Both pendants have bails attached with E6000.

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