Friday, July 22, 2011

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

There is a lot on the crafty front just waiting to be written about, as soon as I have the time between working my day job and taking care of two small children and a not-so-small husband.

I didn't enjoy working with the shawl pattern I was using (see my previous post). I've been crocheting long enough to compensate for the poor directions but it sucked the fun and relaxation factor right out. So, I'm going to frog what I have completed so far and start on an entirely different pattern.

My "For the Love of Cupcakes" swap partner received so I can safely post what I crafter for her. Also, I received from her and can post those goodies as well.

I'm also working on more Web articles and a new crafty endeavor that may lead to an Etsy store in my near future!

More details to come...

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