Saturday, July 23, 2011

For the Love of Cupcakes

My partner in the "For the Love of Cupcakes" swap on received her package and so did I, woohoo!
I went with a steampunk/vintage cupcake theme for my partner, sailorgirlbonk, based on her Wist.
My first cast resin piece ever! I used a miniature cookie cutter and packing tape to form a makeshift mold. Included in the resin is a silver metallic-finish piece of scrapbook paper, a brass stamping blank, and two brass cogs/gears. I used sandpaper to distress the pendant so some parts appear worn.

It is hard to read but this is my first stamped metal piece. The pendant says "C is for Cupcakes" and "Cogs" and "Captain" are stamped around one edge. It is joined by a cog and a polymer cupcake charm I bought on Etsy.

These are two domino and resin pendants I made. They both have the same phrasing but with different vintage images. My partner had one similar on her Wist.

I'm not sure what to call this. I thought that, if she dressed up, she could wear it on a vest or button-up shirt like one does a pocket watch on a chain or a sweater protector. It is brass gear wheels and a resin/Scrabble tile charm. 

I made two more decorated Scrabble tiles, but without backings this time so she could use as she wants to.

This is another Scrabble piece, this time on an adjustable ring.
Extras in the box included cupcake fabric and several cupcake-themed embellishments like ribbon and buttons.

Below are the goodies she sent me. My absolute favorite is the Dr. Who cupcake hoop and a close runner-up is the Scrabble and cupcake pillow!
Because fezzes and bow ties are cool.

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